Offices of Mosaic Design

Offices of Mosaic Design – Conversion

Architects: Larose McCallum Architects

Contractor: JCB entrepreneurs généraux

Photographic credits : Marc Cramer, model: Thomas Miau


Location: Outremont, QC

Floor area: 6 000 sq.ft. (560 sqm)

Number of floors: 1

Status: design 2011 completion 2012


Espace lumière

The client is a branding and marketing firm that was already a tenant of this converted factory located close to the old Outremont train yards. This growing firm of young multidisciplinary creators had the opportunity to move to the last floor of the building where large windows on the four sides of the building flood the space with natural light. Their intention was to create a white box to encourage creativity in a sleek open space. Because the floor was partitioned into different suites, the first step was to open up the space to recapture its essence. Returning to the original space and allowing the natural light to come in, made it a stimulating and pleasant place in which to work.

The concrete floor is stripped, the steel columns and beams are exposed and the ceiling regains its full height. Essentially, the walls, the ceiling and the mechanical and other services are painted white to form the background, creating a certain unity while enhancing the sense of space. The concrete slab is polished and sealed before receiving the very few partitions, almost entirely made of glass, that define the subspaces within the common space. The studio consists of large work islands to promote the exchange of ideas, essential to teamwork and synergy. The new materials are neutral and contrast with the steel beams, concrete blocks and freight elevator, typical elements of these post-industrial spaces we now often use as office space.