Extension & terrace – Maplewood ave.

Extension and terrace – Maplewood ave.

Architects: Larose McCallum Architects

Structure: Geniex

Contractor: Christian and Gabriel Rata

Photographic credits: Marc Cramer

Location: Outremont, QC

Floor area: 500 sq.ft. (47 sqm)

Number of floors: 2

Status: design 2010 completion 2011

A room with a view 

A new wooden terrace is added to the existing ground floor of this imposing Outremont home above the sloped garden overlooking Côte-Sainte-Catherine Road. The terrace is used as an exterior room adjacent to the kitchen and it also acts as a functional link between the existing covered porch and the garden below. The exterior space is designed to maximize the exposure to the afternoon sun and benefit from the impressive view of the eastern part of the city.

On the outside walls, the pre-oxidized zinc panels, the flat black aluminium doors and the sleek glass guardrail offer a contemporary complement to the greystone house and its rather sober ornamentation. Torrefied hardwood is used on the floor of the new terrace as well as on the ceiling of the extension below. Its physical properties ensure durability and its color and grain offer a warming contrast linking the new to the existing.

Under the terrace, a reading room is created which also serves as an extension of the owner’s office. The North facing wall is all glass with oversized sliding doors allowing the garden level space to extend outwards, into the garden.